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January 27, 2011

I recently discovered

I have yet to full discover it’s full potential, but it seems AMAZING!  It has every resource you could think of for knitting and crocheting.  You have “join” the site, and make a profile.  Then you can search all things knitting or crocheting based on your approach: pattern, yarn, or other people’s creations!

As far as patterns go, there are thousands!  You can filter your search for patterns by many different qualities – which is extremely useful.  You can even see pictures of the end product that other users have completed – which is great because it gives you ideas of different colors and embellishments you can do to make the item even cooler!

The Patterns page:

This is an easy way to search patterns by keywords or tags:

You can also look up all things yarn on the “yarns” page.

I find this one particularly useful because you can look up every type of yarn and see how it should be cared for, washed, what size needles to use etc.  Great for those of us who can’t tell just from looking at it.    You can even make your own “notebook” which is like a collection of the projects you have done, are doing or would like to do.  It is kind of like your online knitting central station!  I’m looking forward to spending more time there!


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