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i LOVE this app!

January 28, 2011

App Name:  Lose It!

Ok, for all you people out there that say you don’t know why you can’t lose weight, this app is for you.  A couple of years ago, my good friend SS made me realize that losing weight is just MATH.  Calories IN have to be less than calories OUT.  So that means that you have calculate how many calories you burn in a day – this depends on your current weight, height, age and gender.  Then, you have keep track of exactly how many calories you eat in the day (yes, even those small little snacks or treats) and how many calories you burn every day.  Well, some of the hardest parts of that are 1)having an easily accessible place to put all of that information, 2) calculating it all 3) figuring out how many calories are in everything etc.  BUT if you do this, it really works!!  You don’t even have to do any exercise, you just have to adjust how much you eat – i.e. your total  calorie consumption has to be lower.  So, i took her advice, used the notes function on my phone to track everything, and lost exactly what my goal was, which was about a pound a week – that is a healthy amount of weight to lose that is reasonable to be able to keep off. Then I got pregnant…now here I am, wanting to lose another 15 pounds.  Luckily, in the interim, I have found this awesome app called “Lose it!”  You enter in what your age, weight and height is, and what your goal weight is.  Then it gives you options for rate of weight loss (i.e. 1 pound a week) and then it calculates what your daily NET calorie consumption should be.  YOu can then use the app to track what you eat every day, find common foods with their caloric amounts, or enter your own foods and how many calories they have (which it saves for use again later) and you can also enter any exercise yo do for calories burned.  You have to get into the habit of looking at the calories in EVERYTHING you eat, and measuring how much you are eating (it is really easy to eat 2-3 servings of cereal and think you are only eating 1).  You can periodically enter your weight, and it will give you graphical representations of your weight loss and how that compares to your goal.  I LOVE it.  Check it out – here are some screen shots:


Daily log of what you have eaten.  It tracks things by meal and snack and adds those up separately as well so you can see if you tend to eat too many calories in one meal.

A graphical representation of how much you have eaten compared to your budget for the day.

A graph of calories consumed for the week, keeping in mind your daily budget.  It also tells you how much you were over or under your entire weekly budget.  it is ok to be over a little bit on one day, if you make up for it another day.

This is a screenshot of your list of custom foods or foods that you have used, so you can easily pick from them again and again.  It is SO fast!

One more thing to try to motivate you…if you feel like you can’t commit to counting all the calories you eat everyday right now, but would like to lose weight, I would suggest at least starting to LOOK at the calories in the food you are eating, and try to judge what size portion you are eating.  For the most part, people tend to eat much larger portions than they should (I try to measure things as much as I can so I know how much I’m actually eating) and we tend to underestimate how much we are eating.  However, I really think that if you even look at the calories that are sin something – a cookie for example – you get disgusted when you see how many are in there, and this makes you less like to eat one – or FIVE!  Granted there are times that I still eat them and say “I dont care! I want the cookie!”  But most of the time, I can’t bring myself to eat things or to  OVEReat things once I see how many calories are in them.  Try it!

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