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Better late than never!

February 4, 2011

Today’s topic is something that is a few months late….but I figure better late than never: How to display your holiday cards in a clean, space saving way!

Last summer we moved to a new house that no longer has a fireplace mantle where I can put all the beautiful holiday cards that I get. But to be honest, even that was flawed – we always had trouble with the flat cards, since they didn’t stand up themselves. We use to prop them up on other cards, but inevitably, they would keep falling and you couldn’t see all of them. So a little while back I was asking my friend HP what she does to organize her cards, and she recommended the following, which she saw online (this picture is my finished product!):

There are several different ways you can do this, but the essential concept is to hang ribbon on a door or wall, and then attach the cards to the ribbon. You could make a lattice with the ribbon, or do it very simply like I did: attach the ribbon with tape to top of your door (the backside) and hang it down the front. I used wide ribbon so that it wouldnt turn and that worked well. I also used really pretty ribbon – but that ended up being a waist since you can’t see any of it! I cut the ribbon at a height where my cats and daughter couldn’t tug at it and left it hanging there (I.e. I didn’t attach it to the door on the front side). As far as hanging the cards – I went the easy route and used what I found in my kitchen: paperclips.

A couple other cool ideas I saw online were: taping the cards to the inside of your cabinet doors so you see them each time you open them and 2) attach a ribbon to each card and use a push pin to attach it to the underside of your mantle (much more time consuming!). You could do variations of what I did, and hang a string or ribbon from anywhere – in front of a mirror, fireplace, doorway – and hang the cards from it

Well, now I get to look at all the loving faces of my friends and family each time I’m in the kitchen – so it really is better late than never!

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