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Art not so ordinary. Part 2.

February 17, 2011

I decided to turn last night’s post into a week long series of abstract art from every day scenes.  Hopefully it will inspire some of you to find beauty in your every day activities.


Try it out: In the next few days, look around you and find something ordinary and make it beautiful!  Take a picture with your camera, or phone – whatever you have on you, and  post a link to it here in the comments to one of my art series posts!  Unfortunately it is not possible to post pictures directly into comments, but you can put a link to a facebook page or flickr page – wherever your picture lives.  I would love to see what everyone comes up with!  Happy snapping!

This is a close up of a door from a very old house in Old City Philadelphia, taken while I was on a walk with Radha.  I just really liked how the chipped paint looked.  Post processing: I turned up the blacks and the contrast pretty heavily.

This is a random truck parked on the side of the road in Old City Philadelphia.  The original picture looked ok, but in lightroom (my FAVORITE photo editing software) I applied a preset that gives it a “crossprocess” effect.  One of my favorite websites is where you can not only learn all sorts of cool tips for  using lightroom, but where you can also download a ton of awesome presets to use on your pictures!

Old mailboxes on the coast of california while driving to Monterrey from San Francisco.  It was a bright sunny day, and I just really like the weathered look of these mailboxes.

This is a thali (plate) of 4 ceramic bowls with different herbs/spices in them (turmeric, yogurt, henna, oil) used to “beautify” brides before their wedding.  This was the morning of my sister’s wedding almost a decade ago!  Taken on my now almost archaic (but still ticking!) canon powershot.  My FIRST digital camera.

A random record store in Chapel Hill, NC (GO HEELS!).  I liked this particular collection of artists superimposed on the musical genre sign.  In Lightroom, I turned the saturation of all colors down to zero except for yellow (which I increased just a touch).

This is a set of glasses for sale in some random shop in california.  I got as close as I could get to them without impinging on my shortest possible focusing distance (didn’t have my beloved macro lens at that time), then zoomed up even further and stopped the aperture down to about f/3.2.  I like the abstract effect of the colors and almost not being able to tell what this is a picture of.

Same store,  a cup full of bright green plastic clothespins.  Did a bit of post processing on this one as well.

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