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Art not so ordinary. Part 5.

February 20, 2011

Day 5.  Colored patterns.

Bricks from the patio outside of Davidge Hall at the University of Maryland Medical School.  I simply liked the pattern.  In Lightroom, I then applied some vignetting and a cross process effect.

The side of an old building in Old City Philadelphia. Sepia filter.

This is actually sand on a beach in Goa, India.  Taken on my Canon Powershot S40.  The original picture is really not incredibly exciting and is somewhat washed out.  But I turned up the blacks A LOT and really liked the effect it created.

This is actually a glass door at a restaurant in Philadelphia.  Random.  I just liked all the colored polka dots.  The glass is actually see through, but there was a shadow behind it.  So again, I turned up up the blacks to get this cool effect.  I also slightly increased the saturation, vibrance and clarity.

This is the surface of a trampoline, taken with my iPhone. I was surprised to see how well the phone would hold up at such a close distance.  I obviously couldn’t set the aperture myself, but liked the effect I got here.

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