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Art not so ordinary. Part 7.

February 22, 2011


Today is the last day of my week of every day art.  I hope you enjoyed it. =)  Today’s last few pictures are profiles of my husband and eye, doing random things, where the picture gave me an overall feeling that I found interesting.

This first one is of me, standing in the doorway to an underground lounge in Anacapri, Italy where Luv and I went for our honeymoon.  I really like the effect of the silhouette in this picture with the warm, sunset-like colors in the background.  This picture gives me kind of a mysterious feeling, which makes me like the name of the lounge in the background even better: Underground.  minimal post processing on this picture.  Take on the Canon Powershot S40 almost a decade ago.

This is a picture of Luv taking a picture on the coast of California on our trip own to Monterrey.  I really liked the the look of him standing tall in the foreground, with both mountains and beach in the back.  Post processing: a little vignetting, decreased saturation and vibrance and increased clarity.

I can usually remember where almost every picture is taken…but not this one.  I’m pretty sure it is in a random store in Westminster, MD…but not positive.  Couldn’t help myself.  I just really liked the casual stance taken from the back.

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