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Wavy, airy, baby blanket

February 26, 2011

Radha has recently started understanding the concept that I made something for her. Well…at least she can SAY that I made something for her, I guess I don’t really know if she understands what that means =)  A few months ago, I started making a baby blanket for a friend, but wasn’t able to finish it in time for her baby showre, so I made her something else instead.  In the meanwhile, Radha watched me work on this blanket for a while, so I think she really understood that I was making it.

SO…I decided to finish it and keep it for her!  It is made from 100% organic cotton, which I surprisingly found at Michaels!  It is Lions Brand, Natural Way, and it is way more inexpensive than the other types of organic yarn that I found.  They have some nice calming colors.  The blanket pattern is actually very easy, and it can be found here at yet another cute craft blog called Pickles!  

I really like the pattern that the blanket has and I also liked that you never get lost while you are making it.  Once you do a few rows, you will learn to recognize what each row in the pattern looks like, so you dont get confused about what to do next!  

The other thing that I like about the blanket is that it is airy.  So you can use it in the early spring or fall when it is starting to get chilly, but not cold enough for a heavy wool or fleece blanket.  Hopefully Radha will like it too!

Here is a word document version of the pattern for easy printing.  Breezy baby blanket printable pattern

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