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The Best Sound Machine for Baby

February 28, 2011

Sound Machine: Homedics Soundspa Lullaby (available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99, Target for $30)

A good friend of mine bought this sound machine for my baby shower, and it has been one of my MOST favorite baby items ever.  Besides our baby furniture, it is probably the thing we have used most since my daughter was born.  In fact, we take it with us on all trips – even if it is just for one night.

What does it do?

1) Make different sounds

– We always use the rain sound, because it is a steady volume, and is easy for us to sleep to when we hear it on the baby monitor.

– But you can also play ocean waves, heart beat (I have never used that one), and also Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Rock-a-Bye Baby –> both of which have been used heavily in our household lately.

2) Project a moving light show on the wall or ceiling with different scene options including monkeys and birds/sheep & stars etc.

– I originally thought this function was useless.  In the very beginning, babies’ eyes can’t even see far enough to see the lights.  Then when they can see far enough, I found it to be too distracting.  However, now that my daughter is 2 and often needs help calming/winding down before bedtime, I have found this VERY useful!  It gives her something interesting to look at. and makes her less occupied with me holding her.  So that is a definite bonus!

Why else do I like it?

It is SUPER small and light!  I’m sure there are smaller ones, but they don’t do as many things as this one does…and this one is pretty small to begin with.  It is very easy to unplug and stick in your suitcase.  When we are sleeping somewhere that is more noisy than R is used to, we have found that the sound machine really helps R get to sleep by drowning out all the other noises.


Is white noise bad?

When we were first looking at what to buy for our baby to be, we were reading Baby Bargains, and in their section about noise machines, they mentioned a study that said that perhaps it was not good to play white noise for our children because it could affect their cognitive development.  Well, I do not agree with applying the results of this study to babies (this is a non-professional opinion, just a mom opinion).  I looked up the study that the book cited, and it was performed on rats (issue #1), who were subjected to white noise 24 hours a day (issue number 2) for a multiple days in a row (issue #3) with no variation in frequency or type of sound (issue #4).  All of those conditions would never apply to a new human baby!  I will say that we do not put the noise machine on VERY loud, but it is often loud enough to drown out noise coming from right outside her bedroom.  But the key is, it is for a short time, and it varies.  Whenever we have to put it loud like that, after things quiet down in the house, we go back in the room and turn down the volume.


So, if you are looking for a sleep aid for your child, I would definitely check this out!  After two years, we still use ours every night.  The only problem we have had with it (literally after 2 years of nightly use) is that the rotator for the light show only works intermittently now.  But we still turn it on and let R watch the static image, which seems to entertain her enough!


By the way, this makes a GREAT baby shower or baby’s arrival gift too!  Save up those 20% off or $5 off coupons and buy several from BBB!

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  1. March 14, 2011 2:23 pm

    I went on earlier today and bought it AND a small pink MINI version for travel. I lost the one you bought me as a gift. :o) My house ate it. I have no clue how that happens, but it’s happened to 2 baby items that I know about. Anyways, I’m ready to try anything to get my daughter to sleep better.

  2. December 9, 2014 7:57 am

    After searching through all kinds of sound machines for babies, we also settled on the Soundspa Lullaby and have also good luck with it. The Shusher has also been a secret little weapon when Baby is fussy,

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