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Italty on my mind

March 1, 2011

The colosseum at night.

i’ve got italy on my mind

One of the main streets down the center of florence

In April of 2003, L and I went to Italy for 23 days of glorious honeymooning.  It was 3 months after our wedding, but COMPLETELY worth the wait.

Colorful windows in a Roman piazza (near the Pantheon)

I am LONGING to go back!  For some reason, I still seem to feel “burned out” from residency…even though I finished it almost 4 years ago and didn’t do a fellowship like most of my peers.  I have this need to feel like I am fulfilling and living my life outside of the hospital.  Which is one of the reasons I chose to work part time and stay at home with my 2 year old daughter instead.  This brings me to my longing for italy – people in Italy seem to truly ENJOY living.  They just get that there is more to life than work and  work and more work.

The jewish ghetto - just outside the Vatican

They enjoy sitting in piazzas, eating, drinking, cooking, being outside, talking to friends, spending time with family…I could go on.

Ok, I admit, I know VERY few people who are actually FROM Italy, which means that I am probably just restating stereotypes.  BUT, I do think that more people in Italy have a passion for enjoying life and actually act on that passion, than people here.

The Positano cliffside

This is why L and I are planning on going back to the country of “I-ate-so-much-gelato-I-no-longer-fit-into-my-pants” this spring for our baby free vacation.  Unfortunately we wil hae no where close to 23 days like we did last time (in fact, I dont think we will EVER have that much time again), but we will have a full week.

A church in Sicily

The main focus of our trip: Food, Wine and Dessert.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget relaxing, sitting in piazzas..and maybe some sight seeing here and there.

Piazza Di San Marco in Venezia

The only problem: I’m overwhelmed with wanting to go EVERYWHERE and have to find a way to narrow down to 2 cities (max) so that we can focus on staying relaxed and really enjoying the places that we stay in.  Top on the list so far: Roma, Firenze (Florence)/Tuscany in general, Milan.

Il Duomo in Firenze (Florence)

I’ll let you know what we decide on!

The Pantheon in Roma


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