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March 1, 2011


Metal is STRONGER than Teeth

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, use your precious and fragile teeth to grasp needles…or you may end up with a needle width gap in your perfect little tooth.  Or even worse, a larger gap, crack or chip.

Unfortunately, I impart this wisdom based on experience.  Last night I finally took a sewing class at a local high school (as a kid I always wondered what wierd people took classes at high schools at night =) and really enjoyed it.  That is, I enjoyed it UNTIL I decided to use my teeth to try to pull an embroidery needle through a thick fabric, only to end up with pieces of my tooth in may hand.  UGH. I was crushed.  Especially because I have BAD teeth to begin with, I just went to the dentist a few days ago (couldnt it have happened BEFORE my appointment??) AND I’m going out of town today for 2 weeks.  So WHEN am I supposed to get this fixed! ACK!  To top it all off, a very nice lady in my class instilled some more fear into me: “Be careful not to eat anything hard, otherwise more of your tooth might break off.”  “Make sure you see a dentist soon in case the hole gets bigger or cracks!”  Start hyperventilating.  Ok, I’m probably freaking out more than I need to, but as I mentioned, I have bad teeth and I am already haunted with the very real possibility that I will have barely any of my own teeth left 10 years from now.

Ok, I’m moving on.  PLEASE learn from my stupidity.  Teeth are FRAGILE.  Metal is NOT.  Do not try to over-power metal with your teeth.  It will backfire.  =[


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  1. Shefalee permalink
    March 2, 2011 11:08 pm

    I can recommend a great dentist in Charlotte. 🙂

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