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My new Altoids Headphones Amp – HOMEMADE =)

March 2, 2011

Meet my new headphone amp:

My husband, L, has been wanting to explore a new hobby, and recently started to get into making his own electronics. Meaning working with resistors, and capacitors and circuit boards etc…yeesh! Good thing is, he loves it. He has done more reading in the last month than he has in a long time because He has been reading about his new hobby (and most of it on his new Nook)!

So for his first project, he decided to make a headphone amp. That means a little device that helps boost power to your headphones. It is particularly useful when you have big over the ear headphones – not your regular ear buds- because those need more energy to power. And of course, things like iPhones and iPods dont have a ton of extra power to spare.

The other thing it does though, it is cleans the music signal a little bit and makes everything sound better too. It even as a bass boost switch if you like to listen to your music with an emphasis on the lower frequencies, like me 😉

The thing I love most about this amp – besides the fact that L made it from scratch – is that it is in an alto ids box! How cool is that? Usually they are just in small, black, non-descript containers. But this Is so much more interesting and looks awesome!

One catch: he is the one with the big headphones not me!

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