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Spring is coming!

March 30, 2011

Although it is still cold, the emergence of the sun is motivating me to actually go outside for a bit every day with Radha.

It feels so great to walk around outdoors…although it is also making me realize how MUCH there is that needs to be done to the land!

We don’t live on a lake, or a beautiful coast, or mountain’s edge…but we still have some beautiful sights that I have been having fun taking pictures of!

I am debating getting a lensbaby so I can have more fun with pictures like there.  Any readers out there with advice or opinions about lensbaby lenses?

These daffodils were a complete surprise.  We moved into this house late summer last year, so we didn’t even know these were around, till we started seeing the sprouts come up!

The title of this picture should be “PERSEVERANCE.”  If you look closely at the base of the flower, you can see that it grew right through a dried leaf.  Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I truly understood the amount of leaves that had fallen on our property and that needed to be cleaned up, until now.  We sort of forgot about all of them when we had 1-2 feet of snow on the ground for a month.  I think we thought that they would somehow magically melt away with the snow.


Now they are just slimy and wet and matted into our grass and slowly killing the entire lawn.  Yeesh.  We have a lot of repair work to do!

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