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What’s in a name?

April 1, 2011

For some time now, I have been debating changing my blog name.  I don’t know why it really matters since my blog is not huge and I think most of my visits are from links, not people typing in the name… but for some reason, my current name is just not sitting right.  Probably because most of what I write about is not specific to being a mom, it is just specific to me.  I basically find myself sharing the different things that I like to create and make – whether it be photography, sewing or knitting or anything else.




I have decided to change the name of the blog.  This was the next big step, is what to change it to.  Most of the names I came up with were already taken.  Then my husband suggested incorporating our background (Indian) and using a simple set of words in Hindi.  I didn’t want it too long, but again, since most of my visits come from other links, I doubt it will make much of a difference (I hope!).


So given that I write about things I make, I have decided to go with: “Haath Se”  or

Haath Se means “by hand” – i.e. things  I have made, done or created by hand.

Pronunciation: Haath – “aa” is like saying HOT but keeping your mouth wide; “th” is kind of like “the” but a little more breathy

Se – is pretty much just like it looks =- with a short “e” sound


So keep your eyes open – it will change the address later today..i’m not sure if that means you would need to resubscribe…but if so, PLEASE DO!



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